At Capricious Ventures Boers, we strive to breed calm, easy-to-handle animals that embody the Boer goat breed standards. We have been raising fullblood, purebred, and percentage Boer goats in Boulder, Colorado, since 2005. We specialize in breeding solid, spotted, and dappled animals without compromising on conformation, muscle, or meat-producing ability. We run a CL- and CAE-free herd and are committed to maintaining high health standards for our animals. We pride ourselves on offering for sale only healthy, correct animals that we would want in our own herd, which means we look for calm dispositions, ease-of-handling, strong conformation, and color without compromising build. Our goal is for every one of our buyers to be as thrilled to own our stock as we are to have bred and raised them.

What's in a Name?

Or, Why Capricious Ventures?

Capricious, adj. - governed by caprice or whim. From the French, capricieux, and Italian, capriccio (a sudden start or motion), from capro, meaning goat.

Caprine, adj. - Of, related to, or characteristic of a goat. From the Latin, caper, for goat.

When we started CVB, we researched the Boer goat industry carefully, bought great foundation stock from reliable Colorado Boer goat breeders, and learned fast. Even with all that preparation, it still seemed a little . . . capricious to start raising goats. Sara was working on her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, double-majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) and business. Rebecca had just completed her undergraduate degree in Chicago and was planning to move home to attend law school. Whether it was crazy or crazy like a fox, we purchased three traditional percentage doelings out of ennobled EGGS bloodlines and started our herd.

Since then, we have learned a lot about what the industry values in the Boer goat firsthand and what we strive to achieve in our stock. Although we still have our traditional does all these years later, we focus on solid, spotted, and dappled animals. More than anything else, however, we breed for common-sense traits: good maternal instincts; correct, sound bodies that age and kid well so that our animals have long, productive breeding careers; ease of temperament and handling; and resistance to environmental factors such as disease, parasites, and temperature fluctuations. For the origins of this common-sense breeding strategy, as well as more information on the Boer goat breed and breeding, we recommend Jack and Anita Maudlin Boer Goats, one of our most trusted resources.  We strive to breed animals that epitomize these considerations.

CVB1 Little Molly, out of one of our original traditional Boer does.

CVB1 Little Molly, out of one of our original traditional Boer does.