Penny / Registered Name: MLIL Penelope

Percentage / ABGA # 10494860 / Born 3/4/2007

Penny is one of the first three does we bought when we started Capricious Ventures. Although we no longer focus the majority of our herd on traditional Boers, Penny and her sister, Rosie, have a special place in our hearts. Born March 4, 2007, she is a long, stout doe who has proved herself to be a great mom who throws beautiful, correct kids. She is an EGGS S158 daughter and her pedigree includes EGGSclusive R899 *Ennobled*, RRD Gauge P529 *Ennobled*, EGGS File *Ennobled*, and Hilltop Harlequinn *Ennobled*. We are so proud to have Penny in our herd to add some nice heft to our colored/spotted stock. A special thanks to Mark & Ivan of Ft. Collins, Colorado, who helped us pick wonderful foundation stock for our breeding operation when we first got started.