Spotty / Registered Name: CVB1 BTM Kiss This

Fullblood / ABGA # 10687700 / Born 44/27/2015

LOVE this gorgeous singleton doeling from our Red x Big cross - obviously a keeper. We can't wait to see how this beautiful girl grows as part of our breeding herd (updated pictures to follow).







Tinkerbell / Registered Name: CVB1 BTM White Russian

Percentage / ABGA # 10687682 / Born 4/22/2015

We are thrilled have this solid white James Bond *Ennobled* *Sire of Merit* granddaughter to retain in our herd. When we bred Bianca to Max for 2015 kids and were rewarded with twin doeling: one white doeling like her mother and one traditional doeling with a dappled head, we couldn't have been happier. Phenomenal show genetics here and as Kay Garrett promised, it's just a pleasure to see these animals in our pastures!